Aims and Objectives of Expert Foundation

As we know that in this competitive world students are doing the same education and following the same syllabus of academic education. On the basis of that education students are going to be add in the crowd of educated unemployed people. The education for which they passed their 15 precious year then they get academic bachelor degree (B.A, B.Com., B.Sc.) they are not getting job to pass their life and fulfill the expectation of their parents on behalf of these education and  students becomes short-tempered and negativity comes in their mind because they don’t have the answer of his own question that i have been doing hard work for study but i couldn’t get any job.

Then what should we do in education….? , form where should we do it…..?  , when the admission process start..?   ,  what is the process for the admission (Direct/Entrance/Previous marks merit) …?  , what is the duration to complete such course…?, what is the mode of education (Regular/Distance)….? What is the pattern of its exam (Annual/Semester)..?  what is an average expense for this course..? , What is scope and area of working after this course..?

For the answer of above all question and support we the the Expert Team of Volunteer who provide proper counselling to the students for their better career free of cost and even expert team is going to make MOU with maximum education institution who is providing better professional and Technical education who is in the leading institute in the NCT of Delhi. Our Team Counsel the students door-steps , at crowded place & maximum govt. & private school to make them aware the modern need to settle.

         -:Advantage for the students :-

  1. Proper counselling without any charge to set up the goal. 
  2. Less fee or free classes as per the MOU with the institution.
  3. Quality education of any institute judged by our expert team as per the worth in the same area of students.
  4. Institution will be at prime location better connectivity for the students.
  5. Regular update of updated requirements of Govt. Job of all the departments at a single platform.
  6. Supports in placement also by the Team of Expert Foundation.

These above are the main reason of founding the EXPERT FOUNDATION. Yet The Team of Expert Foundation has given free of cost counselling to more than 50,000 students in West Delhi & South West Delhi. Most of the students took its positive advantage and doing well in his/her life. very happily i would like to say that due to joining more and more volunteer it has become very easy to provide advantage to the mass of the students.