B.Ed. -2020

To Do.. Why, From Where, what is (Duration, Authenticity, Fee, Future, Session, Mode, Syllabus, Admission Process)….? ..??…???

Answer of all your questions are below.

B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education)
Points to know

About Authenticity of B.Ed. Course.

   1.   University must be listed in the UGC (University Grant Commission) among out of 4 categories.

·        Central Govt.

·        State Govt.

·        Deemed University

·         State Private University



2.   The College which is for our option must be listed under the list of Education Colleges list of that University  for example in Haryana (MDU/CRSU/KUK/GJU/IG/CDLU/YMCA etc.)


3.   The Alloted College or Optional College as a choice must be Approved By the NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education)




Official Website to check required approvals



 ·        UGC   



      :-  www.ugc.ac.in



 ·        NCTE 


      :-  www.ncte.gov.in

(If all the above three things you find ok then the B.Ed. Degree will be valid for any State/Central Govt. Job) 
About the Duration of B.Ed. Course.

· Till 2014 B.Ed. Duration was only of 1yrs. In India. 

· Since 2015 B.Ed. Duration Became of 2 yrs. In whole India. As per guidelines of NCTE.

 · Again As per the guidelines of NCTE B.Ed. Course Should be of 4yrs. (Integrated like B.A+B.Ed., B.Com +B.Ed.) but not implemented yet. so this year B.Ed Course is still of 2 yrs. rest we will let you know if any circular or notification will be updated.

Documents Required for Admission in B.Ed.

· (10th & 12th) Mark-sheet & Certificate.

· Bachelor All year Mark-sheet & provisional.

· Master Mark-sheet & provisional if marks below 50% in Bachelor.

· Aadhar Card (for ID & Address proof.)

· Passport Size photographs

· Original Migration of Bachelor/Master which is applicable after allotment letter.

Admission Process in Haryana B.Ed.


About the Syllabus & Teaching Subjects.

Students appeared for the B.Ed. Counselling under the banner of Expert Foundation.

Teaching Subjects Options & Commonly Selected
by Students as per their Stream.

Students need to select teaching subject very carefully which they have studies in bachelor 3 yrs. is the best rest depend upon students.

Slient features of B.Ed. Course in India.

Less Competition

Students can easily get chance to get Govt. Job in comparision of any other Courses. As after graduation all the students are eligible for any central govt. or state govt. job & they rights to competete due to that if job is on the basis of only graduation then there is 100% competition there but in Teaching Department there is first boundation that only B.Ed. holder can fill the form for PRT, TGT, or PGT Teacher in that condition 70% Students are not eligible to fill that form. Now come to 2nd point in rest 30% there is boundation that only C-TET qualified students can apply for the teaching Job due to that 10% students also filtered rest competetion are among 20% students. That is the main reason of more probability to be settle as a Teacher in Govt. Department like (Kendriya Vidyalaya, Navodaya Vidyalaya, Army School, Air-force School, In Delhi Govt School (DSSSB). 

More Vacancy

Due to entrance of Technology in every sector there is less requirement of staff member to  operate the departmental task. it is not hidden from your eyes. She the mirror below. 

                                                                        In Railway 
  • Earlier there were also online ticket booking system but maximum people don’t had the smart phone & Net data due to that people used to go to cyber cafe to take their tickets online that was costing more. maximum people used to take ticket from Railway station of pre-booking, Emergency & current local ticket. to operate the services of Railway. Railway Requirement Board was in need of more & more staff. but now maximum people books their ticket through their smart phone, there is machine in which any person can use smart card to take current ticket himself/herself. my means to say is only this that is effecting the no. of employment. Either Railway is increasing its working area but they are decreasing no. of staff in that ratio. it’s the bitter true.                                                                                                              In Bank
  • Earlier there were many bank with it’s branches all over India and to operate the banking system they were in need of Employee and maximum students were getting placement in the banking sector. Now the current situation is not hidden from you that due to some curropt people like Vijay Malya, Nirav modi and many more business man the banking system became out of condition and due to that many bank got bankrupt and many are in lines to be bankrupt not only this two or three banks merge with each other and became a single bank. my mean to say is only this that it is effecting the no. of employment. In this modern age there is less requirement of staff member in bank in comparision of earlier time.                                                                                                                                                                                            In Schools

  • In this way in every field there is huge depreciation in employment rate but in teaching field there is more vacancy in the ratio of Population of students. there is requirement of more schools and class-rooms and we know very well that either technology will explore too much but there is the requirement of staff member as a teacher physically that’s why this is the best field where students can make their career in Teaching field easily. 

Handsome Salary

This is the good area of working where there is good salary with the befints of 7th pay commission.  pay scale is 49.5k – 1.25 lacs. means inhand salary will be more than 50k.

Respected Job

If anybody is professional then in every profession their is respect. but if we compare it with teaching profession then teacher is respected everywhere either among the illeterate person. if you walk in your area then then a teacher always get salutable lines from others. For married girls either they have narrow minded laws family who don’t permit her to work in the corporate sector or any other sector but they also permit her for teaching as this profession respect is uncomparable with any profession. In indian culture the position of Teacher is at first then the God. Where teacher is generator of all the professionals either, Teacher, lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, etc.

Degree usable all over India

Suppose you are going to take the degree of BBA/MBA/B.Tech./ M.Tech. in this situation you will be able to work only in metro city where there will be MNC (Multi-National Companies) but if you don’t live in metro city then you will not be able to use that degree in village or non-metro city because there will not be any MNC company who will value your such degree. in such situation you can understand that the value of your degree is zero as there is no use  but if you will talk about B.Ed. degree then if you will go any corner of India and take a radius of 5 km. then you will find more that 5 schools where your B.Ed. degree will be valued by them and you will be welcomed there with respect so the importance of this degree is much more than any other degree. 

Flexibility of Time

In the maximum school of India timing is 7 am to 2 pm. after that a teacher has such sufficient time to enjoy his/her life or they can perform some other work also very easily to uplift themselves in their life. second thing there is approx 1 month summer vacation, 10-15 days winter break along-with govt. holidays so this the best profession where there is lots of time flexibility.

Easy to manage family & Profession for female.

This is really very special for female as the role of female is very important in family life as a sister, daughter, wife & Mom. if any female works any where other than teaching sector then they need to devote 10 am to 6 pm job. in that situation they will be not able to manage the family and profession. if she will pay attention over family then will miss the profession in the same way if she will pay attention over profession then she will miss the family’s duty. Now think about this profession till her child will be in school in the same time she will be also in school and when child will come back to home then she will also come back to home and in this way she will be easily able to manage family & profession.

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