Diploma in finance & Accounts.

Diploma in finance & Accounts.

the best tally institute in Nangloi

Why to select Tally course..?

Technically supportable Course for Commerce & Arts Students.

Tally is the computer course for those students whose stream is Commerce then this one of the best course which support them in their target as it is mandatory for the students whose target is to be a chartered Accountant. In this modern competitive era students need to enhance their technical skills as the maximum work of Accountancy or CA is fully depend upon the Tally Courses. If Any of the students desired to be a C.A for that they need to do internship under any C.A and that case A Certified C.A prefer to keep those students who has better control over Computerized Accounting so that student can help the C.A in their work while learning under their supervision.

Vast Career Opportunity As an E-Accountat.

As we know that where there is work then there is financial transaction & if there is financial transaction then there is requirement of an Accountant to maintain the account for the objective of below things.

  • For the progress of firm.
  • To sustain in the competitive market.
  • To do planning for more benefits on behalf of previous accounting.
  • To organize the date for quick review. etc.

Primery need to be the Chartered Accountant

Earlier the C.A used to do their work manually but right now as per changes due to entrance of Technology CA also need to work on the software Tally for smooth Accounting as everything has become online like filling ITR, GST & many more so the students having dream is required to walk with the part of changes & they need to learn Tally any how.

For working as an Accountant to maintain the stock of manufacturing company.

All the manufacturing firm which has many stock points in many parts of states as well as country because of its brand & daily consumption. there they need Accountant to maintain the stock statement. There students can placed after completing Tally course.

For working as a faculty of Tally in any institution.

One who is keen to teach the students they can placed himself/herself as a faculty in any institution or in own institution they don’t required any other qualification to teach Tally except the knowledge of Tally Software properly.

For working as an Accountant of small entity to record all exp. & income.

There are too many small industries which required an Accountant to manage his all the expenses & income for records.

For working as an Account Assistant in C.A firm.

The work of C.A is not only done by C.A . they trained the Accountant to let them support in their work for that students must have the knowledge of Tally software so that they could work as an Accountant Assistant in C.A firm.

For working as an Accountant cum Computer Operator.

At many working places they required computer operator & along with that they don’t want to spend enough salary to the employee for that they required an Accountant also that’s why only Advance basic computer course can support you to be a computer operator only but Tally can make you adjust at both places.

For working as An MTS (Multi-Tasking Staff) in financial Sector.

At many places they have less work for An Accountant and many more official work then they want an MTS for official work for that Tally course is supportable for the students.

The best Tally institute in Nangloi
The best Tally Academy in Dwarka more
The best Tally institiute in Mundka Delhi.
The best Tally institute in Vikas Nagar Delhi.
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Modules of Diploma in Finance & Accounts
Duration :- 1 yrs.


  • Create A Company
  • Maintain Company Data 
  • Create a Ledger Balance Sheet
  •  Create Go down and Stock Item
  • Maintain Stock Details, 
  • Create a Voucher 
  • Display Book of Accounts 
  • Balance Sheet
  •  Getting function With Tally. ERP 9
  • Displays Daybook, Inventory Report
  • Final Report in Stock Items & Configuration
  • Report Statement A/c & History of Tally
  • Versions of Tally & Company Feature


  • Tally Fundamental & Ledger
  • Accounting Vouchers & Feature of Company 
  • Display Books of Accounts & Statements
  • Creation of Company in Tally 
  • Maintain Account Only & Maintain Bill Wise Details 
  • Activate Interest Calculation
  • Maintaining Tally Vouchers
  • Transactions with Vouchers
  • Sales and Purchase Register
  • Use Advanced Parameters         
  • Outstanding Reports & Ledger Books


  • Unit Of Measure & Stock Groups & Stock Categories
  •  Maintain Batch – Wise Details & Inventory Report
  • Setting Up Account Heads & Tally Inventory
  • Maintain Stock Details & Stock Item Create In Tally 
  • F11 : Features In Tally & F12 : Configuration In Tally 


  • Introduction of GST
  • GST – SGST, CGST, IGST, UTGST Entries With Adjustment 
  • Payment With Their Report, Input Tax Credit on Capital Goods
  • Reverse Mechanism, GST Invoice & Role of GSTIN 
  • Service Purchase Sale with GST Local 
  • Inter State Entries GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3, GSTR4, GSTR5, 
  • GSTR6, GSTR7, GSTR8, GSTR9 Forms Challan & Returns.
  • Over View of GST Act – CGST / SGST &
  • Overview Of IGST Act 
  • Meaning and Scope Supply Goods & Services
  • Direct Tax, Indirect Tax & Sale Order –
  • Purchase Order
  • Advance Inventory In Order Processing
  • Multiple Currencies, Cheque Printing 
  • Payment &Advance Accounting, Bill Wise Details 
  • Tax Invoice, Credit / Debit Notes & Cost Centers & Categories 


  • Basic Fundamental Of Income Tax & Basic Principles Of TDS 
  • Different Form Detailed In TDS & TDS Provisions      
  • Different Types of Nature of Goods 
  • Scope of Advance Tax & Totally Knowledge of TDS/TCS
  • Fundamental of Service Tax & Return Due Date Complete
  • File With Stock Registers Form & Gr-7 Challan Form
  • Statuary Accounting Report & Challan Form 16A
  • Rates of TDS & Due – Dates & Role Of The PAN/TAN in TDS
  • Services Tax Work & Deducter Status


  • Generation of Pay Slip
  • Basic Payment Advice + Payroll Register
  • Employee Pay Head Break Up
  • Attendance Register & Returns with Due Dates
  • Show Report in Gratuity 
  • Processing Loan Management in Tally Payroll
  • Payroll in Tally & configuring.
  • Basic Knowledge of ESI & PF
  • Generating Salary Other Field
  •  Generating Payroll Report
  • Filling Processing ‘e’ Challan Form
  • Basic Knowledge of Bonus Report
  • Report in Payment Of Gratuity.


  • Configuring Cheque By Closing Preconfigured Measurements
  • Set/alter Transaction Types & Set alter
  • Banking Features
  • Set alter Post Dated transaction Features
  • Bank Reconciliation, Deposit Slips
  • Deposit Slips Printing & Instrument -wise
  • Reconciliation
  • Cheque Printing, Cheque Register
  • Payment Advice, Cash Balance
  • Opening Payment Invoice Printing.


  • Security & Other Features
  • Backup & Restore Company 
  • Tally Vault Security Control
  • Fundamental of Export & Import of Data
  • Voucher Classes Detailed 
  • Create the Pos Vouchers 


  • Filling TDS Return Form 26Q
  • E-Filling ITR for Salaried Business
  • E-Filling ITR for Small Properties Worship
  • Deduction And E-filling ITR for Partnership Business
  • ITR:- GSTR, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7 & R8
  • ‘e’ Income Tax: Computation of Income Tax Preparation
  • Filling Of Income Tax Return 1/2/3/4/5/6
  • ‘e’ TDS Concept And Provision Of TDS
  • Computation OF TDS return- Filling 24Q | 26Q |27Q | 27EQ
  • Register Company and Form 1A & From 18
  • ‘e’ filling of annual ROC Return 

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