English Speaking Course.

English Speaking Course.

How English Can Help us?

Expert Academy is the best institute for English speaking in West Delhi as this Academy trained thousands of students at it’s Branch at  Nangloi & Dwarka more in last 12 yrs. Expert Academy is the best English academy in Nangloi as well as the best English academy in Dwarka more. where the expert teacher guide the students in that way that the  students learn the art of speaking English in a simple way and they become very confident and have making their career bright with the support of English language. Expert Academy is the best English spoken institute in West Delhi as well as the best institute of English Language. It’s Teaching method and Modules are the best for the students to understand and learn how to speak correct & fluent English with in Short time.

Modules of English language.
Duration – 3 Months

Module -I

  • Helping Verb

           Is, are, am, was, were, Has, Have, had.

  • Vocabs

           Subjects, Noun, Adjectives, sub-adjectives.

  • Sentence formation

           Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative,

  • Use of Grammar

            Articles (A, An, or The)

  • Speaking Skills

Modern practicing method of sentences formation & Speaking. Simple Question & Answer with helping verb, Story telling, Giving Clues in English for one word Answer to guess  for better understanding. Introduction presentation. 

Module – II

Special Helping Verb Modals

  • Can, May, Could, Might, Should, Ought to, Must, Has/Have to, Had to, Will have to, Used to, Would  with (would, Had,were), Could, Should, Must, May  with (Have +V3)
  • Vocabs

           100-200 Regular uses Main Verb

  • Sentence formation

           Sentence with action words & uses of it.

  • Use of Grammar

           Uses of Preposition to connect sentence.

  • Speaking Skills

Story telling as per plans & routines, Question with W.H family, Passage practice (Hindi- Eng. & Eng. – Hindi)  

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Module -III

  • Special Structure for formation of Sentences.
  • Uses of it as a subject, Know how to,  About to (Present, past, futute) Begin to (Present, past), (Keep/Go) on V4,  (Kept/Went) on + V4,  Not to speak of – Even ,Whether or Not, Even-if, Lest-should, Several – since
  • Vocabs
  • 5 words & 5 Pharases Per Day.




  • Sentence formation
  • Sentence with Phrase & Structures.





  • Use of Grammar 
  • Uses of Conjuction & Connnectors.





  • Speaking Skills
  • Passage practice Direct Speaking by looking (Hindi- Engl. & Eng. – Hindi), Story telling (habits, Nature, advice, ability) , Mix Question with all above things. 


Module – IV

  • Tense
  • present, Past, Future
  • Speaking Skills
  • Direct Passage practice By Dictating (Hindi- Engl. & Eng. – Hindi), Story telling Present (self or other’s habit), Story Telling Past (Memorable Incident, trip, day etc.), Story Telling Future (plans, Dreams, Imagination), Mix Question.

Module – V

  • Now Speaking Skills only.
  • Topic Explanation, Social problems (Culture, I.T, spiritual, System, Crimes), 
  • Current News Discussion & its effect (Political, Land, Education,Employment, etc., 
  • Debates (Pross & Cons ), 
  • Question preparation for Interviews., 
  • PD Classes for better expressions.

Step-wise video to learn English With
Raushan Swarnkar

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